Record Covers Celebrating the First Week of Summer

A collection of album art paying homage to the hottest season of them all.

Last week I came across a tiny record shop on the long stretch of Mass Ave. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The shop’s window displayed a collection of 15 records ranging in year and genre. But when taking a step closer, the thread that tied them together was their thematic imagery: reflections.

Within each cover, you’ll see an assortment of mirrors, abstract iterations of reflections, and split personalities. I could add another handful of covers off the top of my head, from Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma “repeated” album cover to an array of Brian Eno covers (his love for the abstract apparent early on), and Roger Daltrey’s One of the Boys. The list goes on:

With this past Sunday officially beginning the Summer season, I thought I’d create my own small window display of record covers that pay homage to the season. I made an executive decision that The Beach Boys can only appear once.

I’m looking for this to be a free educational source since there has yet to be full documentation on the art history of album art. But, if you have $5/ month to spare, it would be super helpful in furthering my research. Or if you think a friend might enjoy this, the best way to pay it forward is by sharing!

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